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Delta dock

wheelchair docking fast & offroad ride 19 gears Push-pull drive Speeds up to 30 km/h more details

switching to Handbike Ágota Terhes is a hungarian sportswoman sufferig from Multiple Sclerosis. Since 2015 she became unable to ride chain driven handbikes. She could return and participate Half Marathon races with a StringHandbike and even managed to improve her personal record from 02:22:00 to 01:48:01.

Push-pull drive handle


Built from classic Stringdrive parts optimized for hands, powering the front wheel by colorful, clean strings.

Push-pull drive handle

Power& speed

Two independent gearshifts are controlling the power needed for pushing or pulling the handlebar.

Push-pull drive handle


Extend your wheelchair with an extra wheel by simply and quickly connecting it to the front wheel adapter. Runs stable and fast. Suitable even for indoor usage with its small turning circle.

Push-pull drive handle

P&PPush-pull drive

Use the handlebar to propel the bike by pushing and pulling it with a rowing motion. Long or short movements of your arms can roll the handbike.

Delta Multispeed

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3.9 kg alu frame 0-90° free stroke length 20-26" double wall alu rims 2x19 gears push-pull independent setup 10+ wheelchair brands compatible